Recorded by Niklas Rollof in Karlstad, 2014.
Cover art and design: Peter Bohman
Mix and mastering: Carl Utbult
Produced by Ruins, released 2016

Boken Om Kärlek
Falling Down
First Time That I Knew
Come Coser
The Sky Is Crying
How The Universe Will End


Five pieces

Recorded by Torbjörn Carlsson at Memoria studios, Åmål 2013.
Stand-in musician: Jakob Bäckman. 
Cover art and design: Emil Ahlman
Mix and mastering: Rasmus Lindblom
Produced by Ruins, released 2013

Filled With Gasoline

Linger on


Be Like Me

Dancing On My Own

Memoria session

Recorded in Memoria studio, Åmål 2011. 
Mix and mastering: Torbjörn Carlsson.
Produced by Ruins, released 2011


Fool Me Twice

If I Tried



Acoustica 21

Album from the American record label 272 records.






1. Today (Sonny Boy Mick)
2. Love Will Find A Way (Mother)
3. You and Me (Elana Harte)
4. Wonder Why I m Here (Toni Vere)
5. Before You Leave (Ruins)
6. Simone Says (Shoebox)
7. I Drive (Karen Palmer)
8. Allow Me To Feel (Marcus Hasselgren)
9. Into The Blue (Lehera)
10. Too Good To Stay (Jack Mercer)
11. Happy Souls (Louise Persson)
12. Beautiful One (Ciaran Canning)
13. Daddy (Lowtree)
14. Fall In It (Stoning Mary)
15. Most of the Time (Graham McCullough)
16. Maybe (Chronics)
17. Blind (Groundswimmer)


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Lyssna på när Ruins introducerar P3 sommarsession på Sun Stage på Putte i Parken. Övriga artister är Tove Lo och Miriam Bryant